How To Stay In Love Posted on July 17, 2013 by Felicia Lockett, Houston Life Coach Key components on how to keep your relationship in the fairy tale stage. Stay in Love Forever! Falling in love makes you all giggly, insanely happy and carefree about everything else in the world. Eventually, you get over this initial phase of love and start wondering as to how to continue staying in love. You might not voice it out, but the thought builds a certain worry, even in the happiest of all relationships. It is but human to show interest and find others attractive since it is against human instinct to remain in monogamous relationships. But then again, the norms and pressures of society bind us to stay together. In order to understand how you can stay in love forever with your partner, you must understand the basic necessities of romance and relationships. Best put, a successful happy romantic relationship is the perfect blend of love and sexual attraction, supported by certain aspects such as compromise and space. Cherish and respect each other To be cherished is every woman’s number one emotional need. You will need to make her feel like your first priority, love and appreciate her. On the other hand, a man wants to be respected by his partner in the relationship. It is important that the man is made to feel like he has what it takes to do anything in the world. So get off the phone when he comes home and talk to him and listen to what he has to say. Good friendship Under this title of a romantic relationship must be the strong foundation of friendship. Being good friends with each other in the relationship helps respect and validate each other’s needs and feelings automatically. This means you must make your partner feel that, what is important to them is important to you as well, which is one of the main keys to make them feel loved. Listen, compromise and be grateful At the beginning of your relationship, make a simple rule; irrespective of how upset both of you are, never fight back verbally. Arguing worsens the situation and weakens the relationship. Instead, listen to what each other has to say patiently and work through the problem. Don’t forget to compromise and repair the feelings of resentment. Most importantly, always acknowledge the actions and presence of one another and be grateful. Pleasure A relationship is ultimately about making your partner feel good on a daily basis, for the same in return. For instance, carry home some lilies for your spouse if she likes them. It is a simple way to make her feel loved. Analyze what your spouse prefers such as physical affection, words of affirmation, gifts, help with the chores or even spending time together. Make a habit of practicing this daily and staying in love will come automatically.


Ways to mend broken trust Posted on September 24, 2013 by Felicia Lockett, Houston Life Coach Overcoming Broken Trust Issues in a Relationship Trust is one of the key aspects of any relationship. It is something that takes years and years to build but it can be broken in less than a second. Gaining trust after losing it becomes very difficult as your partner will not be able to differentiate the truth from a lie. Losing trust is something that can destroy a relationship. It is one of the reasons why people who have just come out of a relationship are not able to go into a new one immediately. This is because they find it really hard to trust someone else after a break-up as their previous encounter would have done something to break that trust. However, for those whose trust has been betrayed while still in the relationship, there is hope to regain that trust and mend those mistakes. Here are some ways in which you can overcome broken trust in a relationship. Accept the mistake and move on One of the first steps towards rebuilding trust with your partner is to accept that you have made a mistake. For any rehabilitation process, it is always important to know where you went wrong and how you landed in that position in the first place. Do not try and justify your wrong action as it will only make the process harder. Instead, look towards the future and find ways in which you can avoid making that mistake again. Apologize The biggest mistake that you can make after you have broken someone’s trust is to not apologize. It is important that you do not give a superficial apology but instead make a sincere one so that your partner know that you are sorry for what you have done. Remember, the point of an apology is to make a statement that a mistake was committed and that it will never occur again. Once you have apologized for the first time after breaking someone’s trust, you must make sure that you do not have to apologize for the same mistake again. If you reach that position, regaining trust afterward will become harder. Empathize Empathy is a characteristic of a person with good moral values. In order for your partner to trust, he/she must know that you are a person who values the moral aspect more than the physical aspect in a relationship. Stepping into your partner’s shoes after you have broken your trust with him/her will help you realize what your partner felt when the mistake was made. It is not nice when a person breaks your trust, so you can imagine what the person might feel when their trust in you has been broken. Always think of your partner whenever you make a big decision in your life. In order to strengthen the relationship, both partners must be on the same page emotionally. Restitution Although this may not be a concrete solution to regain broken trust, it shows your partner that you are willing to go the extra mile to make things right again. You may do this in the form of a deed or in a materialistic manner but do not expect that it will change everything. It will definitely not win back the trust but it will show your partner that you truly care about them and that you do not want to hurt him/her ever again.